About us

Croatian Copyright Agency specialises in the field of copyright protection in all areas of creative work in the Republic of Croatia. Established in 1955, we are a leading agency for copyright protection, not only in Croatia, but also the region.

We wish to provide legal support and protection to authors in all fields of creative work in Croatia and Europe as well as raise awareness and importance to respect and achieve intellectual property rights protection on all levels

We apply the principle of a one stop shop as a centre where we look after the authors' rights and the rights of copyright holders from the moment the work is created, to rights achievement and protection of same in case of infringement.

Croatian Copyright Agency acts as an intermediary in realisation of rights to use copyrights of domestic authors, nationally and internationally, as well as international authors in Croatia, it provides legal advice and negotiates on behalf of an author or a copyright owner.

Authors and copyright owners have a peace of mind when using our service to record and archive their work which also provides them additional evidence of authorship. This service is also available to the holders of related rights.

Moreover, the Agency also provides Software Source Code escrow account service and is thus fully equipped with vaults and all adequate equipment.


  • Croatian Copyright Agency -
    Intellectual Property Centre Ltd
  • ID No. 93451064376
  • Registered at Ribnjak 40,
  • 10 000 Zagreb
  • Tel.: +385 1 4828 060
  • Fax.: +385 1 4921 195
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