Dagmar Menegello


Dagmar Meneghello was born in Zagreb, but spent most of her life in Palmižana on the island of Klement. Zagrebačka Hvaranka, journalist, publisher, gallerist, patron, owner and manager of a century-old tourist property in Palmižana, and at the same time one of the biggest Croatian collectors.

At the age of 16, she already worked in the Studentski list, and at the age of 18 she was regularly employed in Zagreb’s “Večernji list”. She also wrote in other editions of “Vjesnik’s House”.

She organized more than 400 art exhibitions and serious music concerts in a gallery at the end of the world and made her home a unique “island of art”, one of the most famous and beautiful Croatian brands of cultural tourism, a favorite international destination of artists and those who love art.

She is one of the founders of the Škorpion art gallery in Palmižana, which has become an important showcase for getting to know young Croatian artists.


It was founded in cooperation with the Croatian Author Agency HAA-CIV in March 2022. years in
Zagreb. The purpose of the Foundation is to ensure the conditions for permanent protection, preservation, scientific study, professional presentation and popularization of the collection of works of art from the Dagmar Meneghello collection, preservation and promotion of cultural tourism of the Meneghello family. The goal of the Foundation is to foster cultural and artistic creation and creativity in the work of young, talented artists from Croatia and abroad.