Authors and rights holders

Photo by Igor Mulc

Do you know how to protect yourself when allowing the exploitation of your work and how to negotiate with their users?

What to do if someone uses your work without your consent? Contact your representative!

If you are an author or performer in the field of linguistic works (original works or translations), visual arts, film, music, performing arts or any other art, or science or technology (computer programs), or you have inherited someone’s copyright and related rights, important is to know how to correctly and efficiently regulate complex relationships with users of author’s works. That is why CCA is at your disposal as a representative and associate for legal advice, mediation and representation in negotiations with users of copyright works or clients, as well as drafting and concluding contracts, with adequate protection of your interests. We also take care of the correct calculation of royalties.

In addition, our services that may be of interest to you include representation in the event of rights violations in order to reach out-of-court settlements, depositing copyrighted works and forming a broader IP strategy, if necessary. According to possibilities and needs, we can also help you achieve cooperation with other authors, performers or users of works.