IT and digital industry

Photo by Vjekoslav Skledar

Do you think that law has a hard time keeping up with the rapid changes in your industry?

This is often the case, and at the same time, recently in the legal world, especially in the field of intellectual property and its relationship with technology, a large number of regulations are created – especially in EU acts, and there are constant discussions about the legal treatment of new technologies. That’s why we decided to dedicate ourselves to the study of this topic and to always keep up with the latest changes in regulations, trends and news. We believe that in this way we can provide you with the best possible service that will be tailor-made for the needs of your company. Among other things, we can create an IP strategy for you, be with you in every step of its implementation and take care of the compliance of your business with legal obligations. We also provide the service of escrow and source code escrow, legal advice and creation of all necessary documentation, licenses and other contracts that you need in this aspect of business, arrangement of relations between a large number of co-creators, and much more. Share with us your specific questions and needs, and we will come up with the best possible strategy for solving your problems or doubts, and improving your business related to intellectual property rights.