Brand Protection

Photo by Vjekoslav Skledar


The trademark is an integral part of your brand, your recognition and the image of the company in which you provide your unique products and services. The sign that distinguishes these products and services from others can play a crucial role in finding your place on the market. By registering your trademark for specific products and services, you acquire the exclusive right to market those products and services with the selected mark – trademark. It can be verbal, visual, it can even refer to a 3D shape, taste or smell, and although its registration is not mandatory, you achieve significantly greater protection against any kind of false representation or attempts to use your name and identity and remarket other products and services. . Also, such trademark registration often represents the first and important step in building a recognizable brand, and that in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the EU and the whole world, depending on the territory to which the registration will apply.

Industrial design

As an industrial design, the new, individual and original external appearance of the product is protected, and this type of protection will often strengthen and upgrade the copyrights you have on your product acquired by the law itself. The right to an industrial design is acquired by registration at the domestic and international level, and CCA is at your disposal for advice on the possibility of design registration, as well as assistance in the implementation of the need for registration.