Photo by Vjekoslav Skledar

The term commercialization of intellectual property covers a wide range of ways in which, depending on the characteristics of your work, product and service and your individual needs, you can place the product on domestic and foreign markets, start generating income or profit from your rights, or increase it.

The possibilities are numerous, and CCA is your experienced partner that provides you with business consulting services and intellectual property strategy development services, which includes possible ways of commercialization at a given time, that is, at all stages of further development and upgrading of products and services.

We agree with the users all the terms of use of your work,
with adequate protection of your interests.

Mediation and representation in the conclusion of contracts on the use of author’s works

When establishing the right to use your author’s work, whether it is an artistic, literary, scientific or other field in which you create original intellectual creations, the most important thing is to arrange the conditions of use in a high-quality manner, at a given moment and in the future, and pay attention to further possibilities of exercising your property rights and respect for moral ones. That’s why we act as mediators and representatives of authors who, depending on the needs of the case, will conduct negotiations for you, draw up and conclude a contract establishing rights for theaters, publishers, producers, galleries or other legal entities that order or request the use of your existing work. Upon receipt of the payment, we calculate the fee, pay the necessary taxes, contributions and other legally prescribed obligations and pay you your agreed fee.

Also, users of copyrighted works regularly turn to us to obtain authorization for the use of copyrighted works of our clients, and we mediate for the realization of such requests and in agreement with