Protection of Inventions and Innovations

Photo by Igor Mulc


The creator of the invention on it, before official registration, acquires the invention right. In order to further protect yourself from possible risks at that stage, it is useful to deposit your invention in order to provide indirect proof of authorship and ownership of the rights to your invention. In addition, since it is important to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of all details related to your invention, we recommend concluding a confidentiality agreement with your collaborators and strategic partners, in which we can also provide you with professional assistance.


The right to a patent can be acquired on products, procedures or ways of applying products that have a new technical effect, i.e. represent an innovative technical solution to a problem. In order to obtain a patent, it is necessary to register it, which is a complex process with the requirement to fulfill all the set conditions, and we are at your disposal to provide legal opinions and advice regarding the assessment of the patentability of your invention, as well as the service of representation and legal support in the implementation of all necessary steps to achieve registration. After that, as necessary, we represent you as the rights holder in the case of transfer of patent rights or licensing of rights and throughout the entire patent commercialization process.

Utility model

As a utility model, inventions are also protected by registration, and those that are less complex than those that would be protected by a patent, which is why the registration process is much simpler, faster and cheaper.

The above makes it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, and it is important that the invention is new, inventive and industrially applicable.

Contact us for legal opinion and representation during registration, as well as representation in the later phase of commercialization and disposal of utility model rights.

Business and Trade Secret

The unpublished information on which you base your business, which may refer to technical solutions, collected data or the business processes themselves, has its own market value resulting from its secrecy, non-publicity and uniqueness. Such information can represent a business/trade secret or know-how as a form of intellectual property, and it is possible to provide protection for it. Such protection will also be extremely useful when it comes to concepts and ideas that are not (yet) suitable for copyright protection or protection of some of the registration rights.

It is possible to further commercialize the know-how by granting a license or franchise, while for the protection of both trade secrets and know-how, it is advisable to conclude a confidentiality agreement, as well as to deposit it. We are at your disposal for legal assistance and business consulting in all of the above.