Jadran Lazić

Jadran Lazić

Bianca Jagger - Paris

Bianca Jagger

1977 - Paris
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David Bowie

1977 - Paris
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Richard Gere

1979 - Cannes
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Johnny Deep


Jadran Lazić

Dear visitors,

We are exceptionally honoured and happy to inform you of our grand new project where we teamed up with famous Croatian photographer Jadran Lazić in order to publish his Monography, accompanied by a series of photography exhibitions and promotions of his author’s opus.

The Monography will showcase most notable moments spanning through the fifty-year long career of this first Croatian paparazzo. It will be published as a luxury set of two high-quality, large format tomes and packed in a special box (first book of circa 500 pages and second book of circa 400 pages). English and Croatian editions of the Monography will be available. We are very proud to participate on the project as Jadran’s agent and publisher. The Monography is available for preview in Croatian on the following links:

We plan to hold the Monography presentations and Jadran’s photography exhibitions starting with June 2021, according to the following schedule:

  • Split – pre-promotion on Croatia Boat Show, 18.05.2021. – 22.05.2021;
  • Bol, Island of Brač – WTA Croatia Bol Ladies Open, 07.06.2021. – 13.06.2021;
  • Split, exact location to be confirmed, 24.06.2021. – 28.06.2021;
  • Šibenik, City of Šibenik Museum, 01.07.2021. – 11.07.2021;
  • Island of Hvar – Jelsa, exact location to be confirmed, 14.07.2021. – 28.07.2021;
  • Island of Vis, exact location and dates to be confirmed;
  • Dubrovnik, exact location to be confirmed, 30.07.2021. – 09.08.2021;
  • Porto Montenegro – Crna Gora, 30.07.2021. – 09.08.2021;
  • Sarajevo – exhibition at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2021, 12.08.2021. – 22.08.2021;
  • Zagreb, Croatian Music Institute, 03.09.2021. – 15.09.2021;
  • Beograd, exact location to be confirmed, 18.09.2021. – 28.09.2021;
  • Ljubljana, Photography Gallery - Barbara Čeferin, December 2021;

Together with a strategic partner we’ll be shooting a documentary on Jadran Lazić, part of which will be recorded during the above promotions and exhibitions.

After regional exhibitions, we plan on holding international presentations during 2022 in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan and Berlin. Depending on our international co-publisher, additional cities will also be taken into consideration.

We are extremely grateful to anyone who participated in this project in any way. Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d also like to be included as a patron or a strategic partner on the project.

So far, the project had an excellent media reception. Croatian national television NOVA TV recently hosted us in their show In Magazin (clip in Croatian).

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How to share with just friends.

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Short preview of all media coverage is listed below:

  • NOVA TV – In Magazin, 13.04.2021 (link) – in Croatian;
  • Glorija, 12.04.2021 (link) – in Croatian;
  • Z1 Television - Jutrogram, 07.04.2021 (link) – in Croatian;
  • HRT (Croatian National Television) – U svom filmu, 06.04.2021 (link) – in Croatian;
  • Total Croatia News, 26.02.2021 (link) – in English;
  • Indeks.hr, 25.02.2021 (link) – in Croatian;
  • Oslobođenje, BiH, 19.12.2020. god. (pdf article) – in Bosnian;

To purchase your own copy of the Monography or purchase prints of Jadran’s photographs, write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Warm regards,
Your Croatian Copyright Agency – IPC Ltd.

Jadran Lazić


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