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Do you often engage external collaborators in order to use their author’s works or organize expert lectures? We are able to manage that aspect of business professionally and correctly for you, with the option of complete outsourcing.

CCA provides companies with legal and business advisory and operational support when cooperating with external authors and contractors, which consists in drawing up and concluding contracts with authors and contractors and full financial service regarding the payment of royalties (invoicing and collection of royalties, calculation and payment of royalties and payment of tax duties prescribed by law, keeping the necessary records and harmonizing them with the changes that have occurred, providing special information and reports).

We conclude contracts with companies that regulate mutual cooperation, while with authors and performers we conclude individual representation contracts, which frees your company from the demanding task of concluding a large number of separate contracts, as well as calculating fees and invoicing, in which way you significantly optimize your business. Also, we will create and continuously update the database of authors and performers with all relevant information for you, and we will take care of the fulfillment of the obligation to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of personal data and confidential information.

The aforementioned is preceded by an expert opinion on the definition and qualification of the work as copyright, and the demarcation of copyright contracts and contracts on the work.

Is your core business based on an innovative product or service that needs to be protected?

CCA provides you with legal support, consulting and representation services in the protection of copyright and intellectual property rights, and we can create and implement a complete IP strategy for you.

Details on how to protect and exercise certain rights can be found on SERVICES, and answers to frequently asked questions may also help you.

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